Friday, November 20, 2015



    I’m Eowyn (name changed to protect the guilty), and I'm in the ninth grade in Maryland. I have created this blog from a series of rants I would love to but cannot say to my teachers because a) they will give me detention, b) they will ignore me, because I am fifteen years old and don't have a psychology degree, or c) all of the above.

       I will also include stories of interesting school happenings, thought-provoking conversations with fellow classmates, and some of my more personal musings about the general shortcomings of education from my point of view as a student.

        And - unlike in school - if you get bored, you can leave and I'll never know. But hopefully, you will find this more interesting than the formula for slope or the different kinds of figurative language. If you don't, either you love school more than is healthy, or I need to pay a lot more attention in English class (which I probably do already, but oh well).

        I hope students will be able to relate and parents and teachers actually get something out of this, and maybe understand teenagers a little better.

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